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True Reformers: St. Ignatius of Loyola

I think we all found these questions to be challenging this week. I found it hard to articulate my responses to many of these questions, I knew the answer I wanted to give in response to the question but trying to express it through words in a way others could...

True Reformers- St. Thomas Moore

"Lord, grant me a holy heart that sees always what is fine and pure and is not frightened at the sight of sin but creates order wherever it goes. Grant me a heart that knows nothing of boredom, weeping, or sighing. Let me not be too concerned with the bothersome thing...

Young Adult Men’s Fellowship Group

The Men's fellowship group for men ages 18 - 40 and is based out of St. Pat's church. The majority of our group is married with young kids, but we are a very welcoming group. Our group is designed to provide material and discussion to grow closer to Christ through...


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